Ever-Power focuses on the transmission field
Ever-Power Focus on the field of transmission
  • Gear reducer
    Widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction...
  • Helical gear commutator
    Applicable to various engineering practices that require automatic commutation
  • Industrial gearbox
    Industrial gearbox adopts modular design, wide transmission ratio coverage...
  • Planetary reducer
    The planetary reducer can be used as a supporting component in industries such as...
  • Cycloid reducer
    It is a novel transmission device that applies the principle of planetary transmission...
Every time, we go all out
Every time we all do our best
Achieving value for customers is our unchanging mission
Achieving value for customers is our constant mission
  • Years of manufacturing experience
    Rich creative holographic presentation
  • Senior and efficient collaboration
    Design and professional team
  • Guide design with strategy
    Increase brand value quickly
  • Responsive
    24 hours after-sales service
  • Non-standard customization
    satisfy customer's request
  • High-end processing equipment
    Product safety and stability
Use rigorous service processes to ensure product quality
A rigorous service process to ensure the quality of service

Early stage: plan planning

The customer calls for consultation, asks the customer's equipment usage environment, movement mode, speed ratio and other data, helps the customer select the model and transfers the data to the technical department.

Mid-term: strictly control the cycle

After years of accumulation of experience, we have created a very scientific production environment.Strictly control the product production cycle to prevent product overdue situations.During the production process, our quality inspection department strictly controls the quality and technological process of parts and components, so that products can meet customer requirements!

Later period: product factory inspection

All the parts and components of the products have been strictly checked, committed to improving various production processes, increasing production efficiency, and confirming that the products are qualified before leaving the factory.

After-sales service: one year warranty, free maintenance for life

We provide you with a one-year warranty service for the whole machine. During this period, we will guarantee the normal and safe operation of your equipment at any time. If you have any questions, you can contact our after-sales specialists at any time.
Service / plan / execution
Server / Programme / Execution

The company has a high-quality R&D team and experienced mechanical engineer team, as well as an advanced machining base and a standardized assembly workshop.More than 20000 sets of high-quality reduction transmission equipment are produced every year.
The main products are: four series of reducers, industrial gearboxes, T series commutators, HD series steering boxes, ARA series steering boxes, precision planetary reducers, etc. The success of our customers is our goal.
  Ever-Power provides customers with tailor-made deceleration transmission solutions. Since the parts are designed and manufactured by our company, it can quickly respond to customer requirements and provide customers with desired and satisfactory products.
Ever-Power's advanced design concepts and high-quality talents in the field of reduction transmission provide customers with 24-hour all-round services; from the preliminary plan determination, equipment production, installation and commissioning, equipment after-sales service maintenance, etc.In line with the enterprise spirit of "service attentively, fast and orderly", the company continuously explores the development of new fields of linear transmission.Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our company, guide and cooperate. We are willing to provide you with strong support.
  The company relies on scientific management to continuously improve the quality of products, quickly occupy the market with high-quality products and mid-range value, and realize our promise to customers by taking customer satisfaction as the foundation of the company's survival.
  "Treat people honestly" is our core concept of "Hundred Years Ever-Power".
  Continue to introduce advanced technology and management experience, and strive to produce "zero trouble" products for our customers and provide high-quality services. We look forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow.

We always have industry information
We have the latest information on the industry