80417785 Chain sprocket For New Holland Combine Harvest

80417785 Chain Sprocket Fits the following models

New Holland Combine harvester : 8030 8040 8050 8055 8060 8070 8080 TC52 TC56 TC57 TC54 TF42 TF44 TF46 TF74 TF78 TX30 TX32 TX34 TX36 TX62 TX64 TX65 TX66 TX67 TX68

A spare part for NEW HOLLAND сombine.
The Sprocket is a necessary component of the chain drive. It transmits torque between 2 parallel shafts through flexible components (chain).
A sprocket is a single row toothed special-shaped wheel, which is characterized by the following parameters: width of roller sprocket, chain pitch, the outer diameter of the sprocket, and a number of teeth of the sprocket, width of sprocket diameter matched with the shaft.

▍Parameters of 80417785 Chain Sprocket

Weight, W kg 1.44
Inner diameter, d mm 30
Outer diameter, D mm 104
Number of teeth, Z 9
Mounting holes diameter, Dm mm 7.5
Height, H mm 75
Outside diameter, D1 mm 129
Key slot mm 8х75х4


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80417785 Chain sprocket For New Holland Combine Harvest
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Roller chain sprocket finishing hole sprocket
A chain sprocket or sprocket is a special-shaped wheel that has teeth or teeth that mesh with a chain, track, or other perforated or recessed material. The name “sprocket” usually applies to any wheel whose radial projection engages the chain passing through the sprocket. The difference between the sprocket and the gear is that the sprocket is never directly meshed, while the difference between the sprocket and the pulley is that the sprocket has teeth and the pulley is smooth.
Sprockets are used in bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, tracked vehicles, and other machinery. They are used to transfer rotary motion between 2 shafts with inappropriate gears or transfer linear motion to tracks, tapes, etc. Perhaps the most common form of sprocket can be found in bicycles, where the pedal shaft carries a large sprocket, the sprocket drives the chain, and drives a small sprocket on the rear axle. Early cars were mainly driven by chain wheel and chain mechanisms, which mainly imitated bicycles.

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